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          A family-owned business, with a long history in the custom furniture industry. We continue to produce pieces with only our clients in mind. Our process has changed very little over the years. The construction of the wood frame and our upholstering methods are time tested which creates a unique style and feel.

          Upholstery findings have improved over the years and we do keep

up with the new products as they become available. For example, we

now use marshall units for softer, more inviting tight backs.

          Once an item has been ordered, our onsite frame shop constructs

a frame specifically for that order. This enables designers the freedom of

adjusting the “fit” or measurements to his or her own particular needs.

Quality control inspections are made periodically during the construction

to ensure that the item will finish as per the designer specifications. No,

our upholsterers no longer pride themselves on spitting tacks, however,

they do find great satisfaction in producing quality furniture.

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